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African Renaissance
Old Forms, New Images in Yoruba Art
by Moyo Okediji

ISBN: 0-87081-688-8
Binding: Hardcover Paper
Pages: 200
Illustrations: 20 color, 42 b&w
Published: 2002

African Renaissance: Old Forms, New Images in Yoruba Art describes, analyzes, and interprets the historical and cultural contexts of an African art renaissance using the twentieth- and twenty-first-century transformation of ancient Yoruba artistic heritage. Juxtaposing ancient and contemporary Yoruba art, Okediji defines this art history through the lens of colonialism, an experience that served to both destroy ancient art traditions and revive Yoruba art in the twentieth century.

With vivid reproductions of paintings, prints, and drawings, Okediji describes how Yoruba art has replenished and redefined itself. Okediji groups the text into several broadly overlapping periods that intricately detail the journey of Yoruba art and artists: first through oppression by European colonialism, then the attainment of Nigeria’s independence and the new nation’s subsequent military coup, and ending with present-day native Yoruban artists fleeing their homeland.

Based upon extensive interviews with the artists and critical readings of the existing literature on contemporary Yoruba art, African Renaissance: Old Forms, New Images in Yoruba Art will appeal to the art historian and art collector and serve as a wonderful introduction to the canon of Yoruba art for the general reader.

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